• For Immediate Press Release 11/07/2019:
Each year as part of the World AIDS observation the Shelby County Health Department awards a “Light of Hope Award” to a business or individual that is working to increase awareness about HIV.
This year we are proud to share that “The Unleashed Voice Magazine” has received the “Light of Hope Award” for the business in Shelby County.
Publishers & Editor-in-Chief of TUV Media – Davin D. & Gwen D. Clemons
We are honored to accept the award for providing continous coverage about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The statisics alone are alarming enough that we are intentional about keeping the focus on HIV/AIDS. This has to become a priority for all of us. Unfortunately, African-Americans in this community are rank #1 for being at-risk for contracting HIV/AIDS.  As of May 2019, Memphis, TN was ranked eighth in the country when it comes to new transmissions of HIV, says Gwendolyn D. Clemons.
TUV Magazine encourages getting tested to know your status and are community partners with various organizations that provide FREE HIV/AIDS & STD testing (See our “We Proudly Support” section).
This year the Shelby County Health Department will observe their World AIDS Program on November 22, 2019 at 1:00pm in the auditorium at Trezevant High School located 3350 North Trezavant Street, Memphis TN 38127. The founders of TUV Magazine will be in attendance to receive their award!
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