“Where would you have me to go? What would you have me to do? What would you have me to say and to whom?” -Marianne Williamson

How many of you have ever asked yourself, “What is the Purpose of my Life?” For me, this question had been an obsession of my preeminent thoughts for years. Unbeknown to me, the very essence of my mission at Earth’s School was the assignment I had for so long fought so hard against.

The God I have come to know has such a sense of humor. I believe God allows us to use our “free will” when it comes to making our life choices. Philosophers argue that “free will” allows one to make free and independent choices and reject the idea that human actions are determined by fate. I don’t know if I was unconsciously thinking I controlled my own fate, but I do know that many of my past choices were often met with poorly executed results and delivered me some of my hardest life lessons. As each lesson unfolded, I was often left feeling dispirited, which was followed by bouts of emptiness, bitterness, anguish, dejection, regret, pain and confusion. Yet these are the experiences that had to unfold in order for me to find my path of spiritual enlightenment and transformation.

As I examined my life from a spiritual perspective, the visions of God’s plan for me revealed themselves. Each subtle sign guided me closer to finding my life’s purpose, which frightened the heck out of me. I knew I was called to be in ministry, but I wrestled against the call because I had other plans for my life, and those plans did not involve ministry — or so I thought. Your Life’s Purpose is Calling, Gwendolyn… Who me, the Gambler? Who me, the Lesbian? Who me, the Liar? Who me, the… well, you get the picture. It wasn’t until I answered God’s call into Ministry in 2013, that my purpose for attending Earth’s School was affirmed. I’m not saying that you have to be in the ministry to “Get It.” I’m merely sharing my story about my path of spiritual enlightenment.

The ironic culmination of this story is how much cynicism I received upon announcing my call into ministry.  The celebration I wanted to share of being called to live a higher life and of doing God’s work was met with side eyes and crooked lips. The popular opinion was that Kingdom building was not reserved for a person of my qualifications and that my anointing was somehow an oxymoron. The beautiful ending to this story is that neither man nor woman can qualify or disqualify your assignment. Praise the Lord…

This 2016 May/June Entrepreneur Issue is personally important to me because this magazine is one of the reflections of my life’s purpose. The plans I had for myself pale in comparison to the plan God has laid out before me. Finally, surrendering to a life I fought so long against has yielded me the largest reward. Now, that’s the “oxymoron” in this story!

Here are 10 things I want you to consider if you, too, are searching for your Life’s purpose:

  1. Ask God for affirmation in prayer, “What is it that I was sent to Earth’s School to learn?”

  2. Become clear about your question and be ready to receive your answer.

  3. Learn to meditate. (The voice of God is speaking to you. LISTEN.)

  4. Conquer the fear of failure and success. (God’s decision will never make you betray yourself.)

  5. Stop letting others dictate who you should be and how you should live. (No one has the authority to judge you but God).

  6. Live authentically. (You aren’t living a full life if you aren’t connected to the spirit of who you are.)

  7. Do what gives you meaning. (Embrace new beginnings.)

  8. Examine every choice by gauging the results. (Does it enhance your life, or drain your spirit?)

  9. Remember, in any given moment, life is exactly what you make it. (Find the good in every experience.)

  10. Find a mentor(s) because in this journey of life, you can’t do it alone.

Here’s the ticket that some of you failed to purchase when God offered LIFE: “Whosoever believe in me shall have everlasting life” (John 3:16). To me that’s a no brainer…

As I close this article, I want each of you to know that God’s plan for your life is never meant to bring you sorrow or pain. The struggle against God’s plan for you is what invites the spirits of hardship in your life. If you are repeatedly finding yourself on the short end of life, I decree for you to find your power source and “plug in” because your Life Purpose is Calling.

Will you answer?