The 2018 “life issue” of The Unleashed Voice magazine dropped with a bang! 

Monika M. Pickett, Author/Activist/Survivor 

Author/Activist/ Survivor Monika Pickett graces the cover of the 2018 Life Issue. Pickett reveals her tragedy to triumph story by transparently sharing her heartfelt journey of  how God created the path for her survival. Pickett is an illustration of what dedication and perseverance looks like. In case you are searching for a refreshing and tantalizing lesbian erotica. Pickett’s debut novel, PRETTY BOY BLUE is available to take you on a mind filled journey of possibilities and fantasies. PRETTY BOY BLUE is available on Amazon. For more information on Monika M. Pickett, please visit, For other inquiries email


One of our exclusive features is the blazing hot female rapper “Bizzie Monroe” from Poplar Bluff, Missouri also known as the “703.”  Bizzie is set to make her mark in 2018 as she releases her new EP “703” representing the zip code for Missouri. Bizzie reveals in her interview that she has been working on this project quite some time and it will be her best music ever.

Alexis Sprewell aka Bizzie Monroe

According to Bizzie, her story is crazy. Bizzie said, “even if you think you know me, you’d probably find something else out. I do a lot of storytelling with my music. I’m very poetic, and I try to put most of my life into my music. 573 is my first complete project to the world, and that’s why this project is so important. It’s my baby. I’ve been working hard on it, and it’s going to be really good.” Check out her out at

Financial wellness guru Malcolm “MJ” Harris encourages you to set four resolutions for being your best financial self in 2018.

Malcolm MJ Harris, Financial Guru 

Resolution #1 Maximize your income — and your income potential.

Resolution #2 Reduce your expenses — and stop going broke trying to impress people.

Resolution #3 Keep yourself aware of what’s happening in your financial life.

Resolution #4 Check out the Malcolm “MJ” Harris Experience Tour!

Malcolm first national tour kicks off on February 17 in Atlanta, and the theme is “Living Limitless” because such a major part of what he teaches in his videos is all about limitless living — how to have limitless love, limitless financial abundance, and limitless self-esteem in your life. Other cities will include DC, Atlanta, New York, and more. Additional cities and dates will be announced at


Dr. King and Bayard Rustin 

Surely every one of us has heard of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the most famously prominent figure of the American Civil Rights Movement. But the vast majority of us probably missed the memo on Bayard Rustin, the fascinating Renaissance man who served as a primary strategist and key adviser behind many of the movement’s most impactful events and defining moments. A forward thinker and problem solver in every sense of the words, Rustin acknowledged no limitations and epitomized, in every facet of his life, the aphorism, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Bayard Rustin and Malcolm X

TUV Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Walter Naegle the spouse of Bayard Rustin. Rustin is remembered during the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s death with Five Reasons to Celebrate the Life, Love, and Legacy (of a Man Our History Books Failed to Mention).  

Jose’ Vega Advocate Against Conversion Therapy

Jose’ Vega leads the campaign to fight against conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is the belief that homosexuality is not only sinful but a mental disorder, which is what underlies the combination of the faith community and some licensed mental health professionals who endorse these harmful practices — some of which go as far as to administer electric shocks or enforce slapping oneself while wearing a rubber band on the arm every time a same sex attraction occurs, in order to associate pain with homosexual desires… or even to force people to masturbate while watching heterosexual porn, in order to associate pleasure with the opposite sex.


Shana & Muriel Hudmon & Family

Everybody loves a fairy tale love story! In this issue “Meet the Hudmon’s” vicariously invite the readers to share their enchanting journey of finding love and sealing their relationship with a beautiful wedding!  Shana and Muriel are dope to allow the world to see an example of what “love is.” #LoveWins!

Brandon Myers 

There’s a new kid on the block in the hit tv show “Bring it!”  Brandon Myers makes his debut in the hit series airing on Lifetime TV.  Brandon is also a business owner of Royalty Style Salon located in North Jackson, MS. He is a Jackson, MS native and the uncle of twin girls Angela and Angel, both of whom also appear on “Bring It!”

“Bring It!” Season 4 at 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) and he is currently filming season 5.

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