9th Congressional District Steve CohenOn today more than 100 communities around the United States hosted vigils in honor of the Orlando victims. With a heavy presence of Memphis Police, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol and Special Task Force and estimated number of 500 supporters gathered in front of MGLCC in the Cooper Young District to express their support.

The supporters were greeted by an array of speakers ranging from The City of Memphis Mayor, Jim Strickland to voices of ordinary citizens.  Each speaker addressed different sentiments but the common theme was “we will not live in fear.”

Mayor Jim Strickland expressed his continued support of the LGBTQ Community and vowed to make Memphis a city safe for “all people to live peacefully together.”

Congressman Steve Cohen expressed his condolences to the victims of the shooting and promised the LGBTQ community that he would continue fighting legislation that attempts to oppress same-gender loving people. Supporters in the crowd 4

Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr. the Senior Pastor at Cathedral Praise Church of Memphis expressed to the supporters to continue exhibiting love even in light of those who spew hate.

Will Batts, Executive Director offered a passionate plea to all in attendance to give financially to the Orlando victims through Equality Florida GoFundme link the official site which at the time of this article had raised $1,238,096 with a goal of $2.0M.

All individuals who identify as same gender loving must remain vigil and do not succumb to fear. We must remain committed to live openly and freely without fear of social hate and religious extremists. #LoveAlwaysWins

Pastor Darnell at the Rally