On July 8, 2016 the Memphis Area Gay Youth aka MAGY will sponsor their annual prom for all Mid-South LGBTQA YOUTH ages 13-20 at First Congregational Church located at 1000 S. Cooper St.

The theme will be centered around a “MasQueerade Prom” with music, lots of food, a whole lot of fun, and most importantly it will be FREE of charge.

Hip-hop artist Timm T. West will be the special guest performing his song “Between” which he dedicates to all non-gender confirming youths.

MAGYYou must RSVP in order to attend through email or MAGY’s Facebook event notification. According to information posted about this event, MAGY also reserves the right to dismiss anyone in attendance who does not follow the established rules and guidelines set forth for this event.

Special recognition to the Gay Straight Fellowship at Idlewild Presbyterian Church for providing refreshments and photography for this event and to all the Mid-Southerns for sponsoring the prom decorations!

Special note: No one will be admitted without RSVP registration.

For more information visit their Facebook page MAGY Memphis Gay Area Youth or call (901) 335-MAGY.