The author of “Peeling Back the Layers,”  Lawayne Childrey from Nashville, TN joined the founders of Relationship Unleashed Davin D. Clemons and Gwendolyn D. Clemons as the guest speaker for “The Art of Finding Purpose in Everything You Do.”  This Comprehensive Empowerment was part 3 of part 4 Summer Series sponsored by Relationship Unleashed a 501 c3 nonprofit organization. Relationship Unleashed hosts “Free” Comprehensive Empowerment Workshop year round in the luxurious #2 Vance in Downtown Memphis overlooking the Missisippi Riverbluff.  The workshops are open to anyone seeking information on how to the live and be better in every aspect of their life. Registrations is available at

fb_img_1475023996119The central theme of the Empowerment Workshop was to provide answers to some life most plaguing questions. Participants were challenged to think beyond the paradigms of their current situations. Through comprehensive planning one can begin to identify where their disconnect and breakdown is to address barriers of limited thinking, motives, intentions with though provoking reason.

The presenters of the evening each provided those in attendance with compound information relevant to the topic.

fb_img_1474984534736Lawayne Childrey rounded out the evening with a reading of his book and an interactive exercise with a rally circle of hugs and crowd interaction; under the directions of the music of Gospel Artist Hezekiah Walker “You Pray for Me, I Pray For You.”