MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (November 16, 2017) —- Small Businessman and  community leader, Torrey Harris, has formally announced his candidacy for Tennessee State Representative, District 90. The seat is held currently by long-time incumbent John DeBerry, Jr.

“Now more than ever, we need progressive and strong leadership,” Harris said, “We need someone who will stand on behalf of the district they serve and voice what matters to those constituents, rather than personal beliefs and values alone. We need someone fighting for the hard working people here – that means lobbying for money for our public schools instead of giving it away, empowering our educators, supporting our parents and children, seeking affordable healthcare, promoting job opportunities, and ensuring our local businesses receive the support they need, and being bold about Human Rights for  living wages, women equality, LGBTQ equality, racial justice, and access to reproductive health. We have to do better, we can do better. That’s why I am running for U.S. District 90 State Representative.”

Harris is a proud Christian Brothers University Buccaneer and enjoys his work in the non-profit sector. He is the Human Resources & Payroll Administrator for Friends For Life Corporation, a social services organization in Midtown – Memphis, TN. Harris serves as a community leader, mentor and passionate motivator for young people in building and developing them to be the best at who they are and at what they can do. “We have to be willing to teach, train, and raise our youth for the future and be the well-mannered generation some speak poorly about,” said Harris in a response to a statement made by opponent John DeBerry earlier in the year.

He serves as a board member and a member of organizations both local and national: NAACP, Memphis Urban League, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Black Business Association of Memphis and other community-based and national organizations. Harris has built a great career in Human Resources doing what he does best, listening to and helping people. He lives by the mantra, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

Harris truly believes in giving back to our community and volunteers his time as much as possible. Over the next six months Harris plans to push not only a strong campaign and have many face to face conversations, but to also drive up voter registration. Tami Sawyer, candidate for Shelby County Commission, ran for State Representative in the previous election losing only to DeBerry just shy of 600 votes showing that District 90 was yearning for a fresh leader. Harris says during the last election voter turnout was low and he plans to hold voter rallies and registration drives throughout the city of Memphis to get people to register and update their voter registration.

It has been acknowledged time and time again that Harris is without a doubt honest and genuine, which is how he plans to run this campaign. “Get involved in what is going on in your community,” Harris ends with, “mailers shouldn’t be the only way your representative speaks to you, talk to the candidates, call and send emails and wait for a response, and make sure what matters to you will matter to them.” Over the last decade, Harris has been an outspoken voice for progressive ideas calling for discussions around what matters to those affected by conservative policies and laws. Through his experiences talking with thousands of Memphis citizens, Harris understands that his life’s work has to be on building a better Memphis for those to come behind him. Harris will be running as a progressive candidate with a desire to make Memphis better for all of us and highlight why Memphis is the best place to live.

Torrey Harris serving meals at a community event last Thanksgiving for those less fortunate! 

Harris is the only candidate that has made notice to run opposing DeBerry in District 90. The district stretches from Frayser and North Memphis through a large majority of Midtown and South Memphis.

The State Primary election is May. 1, 2018.

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