Condolences to the family of journalist and transgender pioneer Monica Roberts. According to multiple news sources they are reporting that she passed on today (October 08, 2020).

Monica Roberts death is trending on all major social media outlets and has shocked and sadden the Black LGBTQIA+ community. Monica was the founder of TransGriot an award winning blog and Trans-News outlet.

Monica Roberts was more than a blogger, she used her “superpowers” to bring justice to the Trans Community. According to the Advocate, “Monica Roberts is best known as being one of the first people – not just among reporters, but activists as well – on the story when a killing strikes in the trans or gender-expressive communities.”

Love and Light to you Dear Sister! Rest in Love!

Ms. Monica Roberts (Source Facebook)

About Monica: Monica Roberts, AKA the TransGriot (Gree-oh) is a native Houstonian, GLAAD award winning blogger, writer, and award winning trans human rights advocate. She’s the founding editor of TransGriot, and her writing has appeared at the Bilerico Project,, The Huffington Post and the Advocate. She works to foster understanding and acceptance of trans people inside and outside communities of color. Among her many honors are the Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award, the Robert Coles Call of Service Award. the Barbara Jordan Breaking Barriers Award, and the 2020 Susan J Hyde Award for Longevity In The Movement