Love knows no boundaries, and the story of Marrying McKenny is a testament to the enduring power of love in the face of societal norms and expectations. Their journey is not just a love story; it’s a celebration of authenticity, courage, and the triumph of the human spirit.

In a world that often imposes rigid definitions of love and relationships, Marrying McKenny dares to challenge conventions and redefine what it means to find true companionship and happiness. Their union is a beacon of hope and a reminder that love wins, regardless of gender, race, or any other labels society may impose.

Join us as we delve into the captivating tale of Marrying McKenny, where love defies all odds and shines brightly as a symbol of resilience and unwavering commitment. Their story inspires us to embrace our authentic selves and follow our hearts, no matter where the journey may lead.

Stay tuned as we unravel the layers of this remarkable love story and celebrate the beauty of love in its purest form. Love is love, and Marrying McKenny’s story reminds us that it’s a force that transcends barriers and touches the hearts of all who believe in its power.

Q: Please tell us the backstory of how the two of you met?  

A: Our story starts before we really knew each other. Tanesha produced an LGBTQIA+ web series on Youtube, and I used to work with one of the assistant producers, Tyler. At the time, I (D’Lessia) was in a relationship, and Tyler told me about the show I used to watch every week. 

During the pandemic, Tanesha and I both went through a breakup. Still, we did not know each other, nor did we communicate with each other. One day in October 2020, I (D’Lessia) reached out to Tyler on Facebook and told her that I was tired of being single and wanted to know if she had any single friends. Tyler responded by saying, “Hey, girl! I think that my friend Tanesha is single.” Then she provided me with a screenshot of Tanesha’s Facebook profile. We became FB friends, and I would check out her page occasionally, but nothing serious. We met at my best friend’s daughter’s birthday party once, and Tanesha was hired to do the videography. We ACTUALLY WALKED INTO THE PARTY TOGETHER!

However, I (D’Lessia) did not introduce myself despite watching her page for about a month. I could not appear thirsty. During my “stalking” days, I did realize that Tanesha’s birthday was 12 days after mine. We were both the same zodiac sign, #Saggang, but I want to say either Thanksgiving or Christmas, she posted this picture of a woman and captioned read “Mine.” I thought it was her girlfriend and was like I’m not a homewrecker and stopped my stalking. It wasn’t until Feb. 1, 2021, that I announced my partnership with a local organization within the city that, ironically, Tanesha had worked with about a week prior. Our mutual friend Tyler reached out to me asking if I had run into Tanesha because she had worked with them recently. I did not think ANYTHING of it, but the next day, Tanesha slid into my DMs. She made some small talk and revealed that Tyler had mentioned me before and asked me if I was still available; the rest was history.

Q: What were the deciding factors for you both to get married? 

A: One of the main things we discussed was our personal healing prior to meeting each other. We both had gotten out of relationships around the same time unknowingly, but we independently worked on ourselves. That time to heal really set the foundation for us when we met. We were both happy as singles; so, when we started dating, we were intentional with our dating practices and honest. We were ready. We had those deep conversations that people often run away from during the dating process, we had them early on because of our past experiences. Marriage was something that we both discussed throughout dating and found compatibility, openness, safety, love, and laughter. We understood each other and we balanced one another, which solidified we were ready to take our relationship to the next level. 

Q: Is LGBTQ representation important for the two of you? 

A: D’Lessia: Yes, it was because I didn’t know any Black lesbian women is what delayed me “coming out.” My only reference was someone more masculine presenting and that wasn’t who I was, which is why I was in relationships with men before I started openly dating women. 

It is also very important to me for younger generations to see us to create visibility. Not to be seen but to highlight that the LGBTQ community are regular people doing everyday things. 

A: Tanesha: Very much so….. We must be true to who we are. But in the same sense maintaining our own identity. Being able to represent a broad spectrum of people and culture is very important. Especially being a black woman in this community.

Q: Where did y’all honeymoon?  

A: For our honeymoon, we spent a week in Costa Rica. We had hardly anything planned and just allowed us to be present with one another and bask in this new chapter of our love story.