In a world filled with noise, finding a publication that not only speaks but also listens can be a breath of fresh air. The Unleashed Voice Magazine (TUV) has been a beacon of inclusivity and diversity, and its current “Renaissance Issue” is a soul-stirring celebration of life, voices, and experiences that demand to be heard.

On the cover of this issue is the late Hydeia Broadbent, a remarkable individual who dedicated her life to being an HIV activist. Her story resonates deeply, reminding us of the power of advocacy and the ongoing need for awareness and compassion in our society.

Ms. Hydeia Broadbent (photo courtesy of Facebook)

As we delve into the pages of TUV’s “Renaissance Issue,” we encounter a tapestry of narratives that challenge stereotypes and inspire change. One such feature spotlights three dynamic Black women preachers (Rev. Dr. Elise Saulsberry, Rev. Minassa Gabon, and Rev. Dr. Sande Bailey-Gwinn), who are dispelling the age-old notion that “Women aren’t supposed to be preachers.” Their voices ring out with conviction, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations.

Dr. Umeica Hankton’s contribution to the Health & Wellness section, titled “ReBirthing into Greatness,” is a poignant exploration of personal transformation and resilience. Her insights offer a roadmap for readers seeking to navigate their own paths towards holistic well-being.

Dr. Umeica Hankton, PhD.

Additionally, Special Contributor Brodderick Roary shares his journey “Stepping into a New Light,” offering readers a glimpse into his personal renaissance. Roary’s narrative underscores the transformative power of embracing change and seeking new horizons, resonating with anyone on a quest for personal growth and renewal.

Brodderick Roary – Special Contributor 

In the realm of media, TUV introduces us to the new Facebook streaming show, “Regal Mindset Podcast,” hosted by Keisha Glenn and Joy Young. This platform amplifies diverse voices and perspectives, fostering meaningful conversations and connections in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Literature enthusiasts will find delight in the Literary Corner, which shines a spotlight on Author Cicely Moore’s new book, “Masc Magic Girl.” This work promises to captivate readers with its exploration of identity and empowerment, adding depth to the literary landscape.

TUV Magazine also delves into meaningful exchanges and interviews with Que Monroe, the Founder of Meaningful Exchange. Monroe’s insights shed light on the importance of genuine connections and community engagement in today’s fast-paced world.

Que Monroe – Founder of Meaningful Exchanges

Love knows no bounds, as evidenced in the Wedding Feature showcasing the union of (Tanesha & D’Lessia) in “Marring McKenny,” an inspiring example of love prevailing, even in the face of societal challenges and misconceptions surrounding same-gender couples.

Wedding Feature | Tanesha & D’Lessia McKenny

Spirituality takes center stage as Beth Trouy reflects on Pope Francis and his affirming blessing to the LGBTQ community. This gesture speaks volumes about the evolving landscape of inclusivity and acceptance within traditional institutions.

Special Contributor David Wyley-Long’s introspective piece on what Renaissance means to him adds a personal touch to the issue. His quest for meaningful love mirrors the magazine’s overarching theme of embracing growth, resilience, and authenticity.

David Wyley-Long – Special Contributor 

As Editor-in-Chief Gwendolyn D. Clemons shares her thoughts in the Editor’s Letter, we are invited to embrace our own modern Renaissance, celebrating our journeys, triumphs, and the influences that shape us, including the legendary singer Beyonc√©, whom Clemons thanks for her contributions to culture and empowerment.

Editor-in-Chief Gwendolyn D. Clemons

In a world that often tries to confine voices and experiences within narrow boxes, The Unleashed Voice Magazine stands out as a platform that amplifies the diverse tapestry of humanity. Through its “Renaissance Issue,” TUV invites us to reflect, celebrate, and continue the vital conversations that shape our collective journey towards a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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