Even in Death, Prince is causing the same Controversy he sang about his entire life. (Controversy, pun intended!) I think it’s because people now realize what a Powerful, Gifted man he truly was. Think about it! He dared to be himself in a world full of judgment. He introduced the world to a beautiful human spirit that none could deny was uniquely created to gift us with music. Because of his mystique and elusiveness, rumors swirled throughout his life with invasive questions such as, “Is he straight? Is he gay? Is he black? Is he white?) These questions may have arisen because of his outer expression of his presentation to the world. Whenever seen in public, Prince always adorned make up high heels and flamboyant attire .

Prince’s music was very sexually suggestive, and early in his career very sexually explicit. Prince’s battle was against a world which demanded he Live in a Box in order to make others feel comfortable. However, Prince blew the box up instead. Prince’s presentation was androgynous and queer which was frowned upon in a heternormative society (and still is, to the hypocrisy of many) but he never conformed to fit in. Prince also left no answers for the hypocrites who thought they were entitled to his personal and private life because it is (None Of Your Damn Business).

I am so glad that I got to fully experience the musical genius Prince from the beginning of his career until the end — because to those who denied his brilliance and declined to support him all because of his queerness, “The JOKE was on You!”
To the enjoyment of us who LOVED❤ the musical genius Prince we rode the train to the last stop, didn’t we? ❤