Monick Monell is the one to watch in Brooklyn N.Y. By day she is a direct care worker for an organization where most of the clients and employees are LGBT. By night she is one of the premiere promoters for BrooklynbredNyc, LLC clothing line and the NY gay club scene. Monick is an avid fan of lesbian reality shows and will be soon starring in the “LezFactor.”The LezFactor is based out of California, but will be stationed in NYC for taping in April 2016. Having the LezFactor in NYC will give those outside of the area a glimpse of “The Brooklyn Way,” exclaimed Monick.

Monick affirmation is for the LGBT Community to become one as a family no matter the gender or label they subscribe too. Monick describes her style as very Chic and Dapper reminiscent of the 1920’s where suspenders, ties, and belts were worn at all times. Monick credits her grandfather as the source of her inspiration who stressed the importance of dressing to impress and to always be clean cut freshly pressed.

Monick is married to Simerette Phillips Monellwhere they share their home with six rescue pets whom they passionately call their “crazy kids.” The Monell’smoved to NYC shortly after living in Virginia where they experienced a multitude of disrespect and refusal to acknowledge their relationship. Today the Monell’s are living happily in Brooklyn where they enjoy the freedom and respect of their union.