ATLANTA- Digital Downloads of the hottest Ganagsta Rap Female in the game “Psycho” are to be released on iTunes, iheartradio, XBox Live, Amazon Music, Tidal, Google Play, You Tube and etc.

Melika Jett was born in Memphis, TN. Her stage name PSYCHO came from her little brother, whose nickname was Lunitic. He encouraged her to start rapping and always told Melika that her swag was crazy and her lyrics were psycho. The siblings formed a rap group and began creating music together.4W5A0138

In 2000, Psycho met Goldfingas in New Orleans. At the time, Goldfingas was with a record label in Tampa, FL called Ridin Dirty. Two years later, they had all left Ridin Dirty to start their own record label. Goldfingas, Psycho, and Lunitic founded GUMBO in 2002. Melika is not only a phenomenal lyricist but she is also an awesome athlete. At Memphis Central High School, she played basketball, softball, and volleyball. She also ran track. Her athleticism landed her a basketball scholarship to Jackson State University where she Won awards, including Freshman of the Year and SWAC All-Star Team. Melika become the MVP for everything she pursues.

She has recorded and wrote hundreds of songs with street edge, a raspy voice, real stories and a unique style. Goldfingas production is proud to launch this bright artist into the limelight. Melika She has arrived on the scene and the world is ready to receive her.