received_1173991835968168Over the last 2 years, Rainbow Fashion Week has attracted over 25,000 queer and gay friendly attendees and over 5 million impressions. We showcased queer designers, photographers, models, make-up artist, stylist, merchants, retail buyers and thus increased access for LGBT supportive talents to ensure their future inclusion within New York’s creative pool. But we don’t stop there; each event is tasked with a social responsibility ad campaign, which primarily begins with honing in on local water quality issues that impact the health and well being of our local and international water body. After attending a summit at the Hudson Institute which addressed the destruction of the Himalayan glaciers and speaking with Sharon Kahn of Water Keeper Alliance, we re-wrote our mission statement and it is now our global pledge to educate new designers of the responsibilities they bare when ordering, utilizing and disposing textiles to consider bio safe vendors as well as considering several “re-purposing ideals.” So this year, we will work hard to accomplish these objectives.

image3 (1)RFW 2016 will be the very first “Carbon Neutral Fashion Week.” The use of solar energy is a sustainable solution to the energy challenges of today. Not only do solar energy systems generate energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions, but the solar industry has also taken on the responsibility to mitigate and manage the full range of social and environmental impacts during the entire lifecycle of the solar energy system. In an attempt to become more morally accountable fashion week, we will work closely with industry leaders such as Viridian to help educate our audiences.


“Queer Kids Kick AZZ” Fashion and Art Show

Our additional concerns are addressed by our event producers who have personal messages such as anti-bullying, domestic violence, same sex marriage and trans-justice which offers potential sponsors additional outlets to reach one of New York’s fastest growing communities and organizations.

image1“All Are Welcome. We Are One Nation Under the Rainbow.”