NYC Celebrated its 19th year of Black Pride Events for five days beginning August 17, 2016 through August 21, 2016.

received_1495470790479863The Black LGBT Pride began as a result of the Gay Black minority community in the United States feeling marginalized and less a part of the whole Gay community in participation, organization and administration. There was also the factor of socio-cultural differences that prevented the sub-community in full participation in the gay movement.

“Many queer people of color do not feel comfortable or welcomed at most mainstream LGBT Pride events,” says Earl Fowlkes Jr., president and CEO of the Center for Black Equity, which organizes D.C. Pride. “There is still a racial divide within the LGBT mainstream, with many black LGBT folks feeling as though they have to step away from their racial identity when going to community Prides.”

The Black Gay Prides today as metamorphosed into a well established events that unite and bring together black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to celebrate both their African heritage and sexual orientation

FB_IMG_1471920596991Lee Souljah, Coordinator of NYC Black Pride told TUV Magazine that “the theme of this years NYC Black Pride is “Black is Beautiful”. It poses a fundamental query and forces us to ponder….have we evolved to that place in which we recognize the beauty in blackness…in all the complexities of the interwoven fabrics of blackness…..a celebration of an ancestral greatness… a derivative of brown baptize earth… has something to say about what it means to be fully human and free.”

Souljah exclaimed, “Have we gotten to the point in which the reflection that stares back……from that introspective mirror….is one of greatness…and we understand that we have made universal strides that helped and shaped our humanity…a community whose legacy consists of an early trans social justice movement…the true birth of our civil and human rights…..this is where Black Pride arises from…those who are no longer here in body….yet whose spirits haunts us like holy and ghost…. This is that moment…Where We Move Forward and reflect back to learn from our mistakes…honor and bless our past….lift up our ancestral voices….if only to reflect on Our Legacy….and raise the standard….so when We Fellowship.…Our Greatness Shines.”

The Unleashed Voice Magazine also made it’s debut in this years NYC Black Pride. Gift bags were given to select attendees containing many goodies and one of them was TUV Magazine!  New York City Hottest Party Promoter Bakla Mo’ is also a Project Manager/Talent Scout for TUV Magazine and carried the lead with introducing the Gay Publication to the vast multicultural community of NYC.

TUV magazine in NYC