In TUV Magazine September/October 2016 “Love Wins” issue Eddie Wiley beautifully explains the principles on how one can live Beyond the Binary, “Love Without A Limit” in his most personal article yet written for TUV Magazine. Wiley is candid and unapologetic while sharing his intimate feelings about living out loud as a Pansexual.

As Wiley explains “Pansexuality” is one who is “not limited or inhibited in sexual choices with regards to gender or activity.”  In other words Pansexuals does not focus on sex or gender identity, but instead focus solely on the person!

In one of my favorite pieces written by Wiley he asserts his position to the readers by carefully guiding you along the rules of Pansexuality while pointing out why it is important to debunk “social constraints.”

Wiley is exemplary with shifting the readers carefully along the definitions of Pansexuality and refuting the comparisons of Bisexuality.  It is here where the article entraps you with laughter and frankness as Wiley delivers the intended points of his identify with crafty statements such as “Don’t Get it Twisted because I know who I am and what I like.”

Not everyone will understand everything about Pansexuality just by reading this article, states Wiley.  But Wiley has put together a few myths in hopes to get you started on your path of enlightenment toward tolerance and acceptance of others.

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