kim-burrellGospel Recording Artist, Singer, and Minister Kim Burrell graciously and proudly trolled the pulpit recently, slinging weave, spit, and sweat as she wobbled around in a pair of dreadful looking musty leggings trying to send the Gay Community to hell. If you haven’t seen the video I encourage you watch it.  Ms. Kim was doing the most, in a room filled with “Christian-less” individuals who were dropping musical notes of Ahh, Haa’s to her hate-filled sermon. Ms. Kim preached a warped sermon with rhetoric that offered a painful warning to all under her sermonic guidance by sending homosexuals to hell and prophesying death to all gays (which had me confused by the way). As Ms. Kim preached her “Amen Corner” encouraged her to verbally persecute Gays by “telling the truth.” What damn truth were they asking her to tell? I promise, each time I see people who call themselves Christians behaving in this fashion. I am reminded about the assembly of people who encouraged the Roman’s to kill Jesus? As I viewed the sermon I heard Ms. Kim’s “Amen Corner”  encouraging her to keep spewing hate on the Gay Community “All Homosexuals are going to die in 2017,”  Ms. Kim proudly proclaimed (see video)!

Unbeknownst to Ms. Kim someone in the crowd was on Facebook Live taping her entire rant (THANK-YOU) which has since been removed but is forever in cyberspace, “Got Ya!”
The hateful overtone and raunchiness of her supposedly religious message came as a shock to some but not me because I am always prepared for “Trolls” like Kim Burrell.  Ms. Kim’s message of hell, fire, and damnation to the Gay Community is nothing new coming from the church, especially the Black Church. But what is new, is the ability to expose these hypocrites for who they are and how they truly feel about the LGBTQ Community by way of our social media connections.
My message to the LGBTQ Community is we have to hold people in position of influence accountability for using their positions to encourage that religious dogma be used against us. In case you didn’t know, it is Kim Burrell’s preaching spirit that is filled with perversion and delusions. The gay community is safe because she does not possess the power to send to nobody to hell. Kim Burrell lives a very “Public Lie” and just what if her “Bedroom Truth’s” come out after this. Oh, trust and believe one of our Gay card carrying member knows her “T!”

In her sermon, Ms. Kim called homosexuals perverts, but just like a hypocrite she eagerly collaborated with gay Singer Frank Oceans on his new single “Godspeed.” I bet Ms. Kim’s pocket is filled with money that she earned from the “pervert” Frank Ocean to pay her bills and live large! Did you all know that Kim is also scheduled to appear on The Ellen Show January 05, 2017? Kim along with Pharrell Williams are set to perform “I See Victory,” a song from the film Hidden Figures. ” The Ellen” show? Huh? Not Miss Holier than thou”! So, Ms. Kim really want the public to believe that she doesn’t know Ellen DeGeneres is one of the biggest “L’s” in the LGBTQ Community! Kim Burrell you are truly one of the biggest “Deceivers & Hypocrites” around. Bye, Felecia!

Hey guys, I need all of you to Tweet Ellen to cancel Ms. Kim’s appearance on her show. We don’t need Ms. Kim’s “heterosexual spirit” coming in our homes trying to kill us…

My next statement may upset some of you reading this article; but I blame the Black Gay Community for this brazen behavior too! Why? Because it is time out for participating in organizations and supporting people that do not fully accept us. The Black Church has for too long been the biggest hypocrite in leading the rally for oppressing, depressing, and marginalizing the Black Gay Community.

Yet, like clock work, each and every Sunday Black Gay members continue to run to Pharaoh’s House (the Black Church) to be whipped back into submission to make the heterosexual majority comfortable! Sunday after Sunday it is disheartening to continue to see my sisters and brothers being held in religious bondage by a sermon filled with rhetoric that GOD hate the sin, you are an abomination, and then they send you to hell. The sadness in all of this is some you believe it to be true and that God did command these punishments against you! SMDH!

I know without a doubt that the Black Gay Community has been instrumental in building the foundation of too many mega Black Churches and careers of singers like Kim Burrell. The Black Gay Community has also been “preyed” upon by these same Black Churches and individuals that exploit our anointing and our talents. The Church is supposed to be a safe space and welcome place for “all people” not an execution arena!
Today we are Clapping Back on Kim Burrell and anyone else who support this type of religious persecution against the Gay Community. Not only are her statements aligned with Hate Crime and Religious Dogma. She tried to litter her sheer evilness on a community that has been instrumental in keeping her from being homeless by supporting her with their “gay dollars.”

I heard Kim made a Facebook post to “clear” the air. Girl, Please, you said it, we heard it, and we believe you!
Kim Burrell? Who in the heck is Kim Burrell?