Adele said it best “What the Phuck does Beyoncé have to do to Win Album of the Year?” Well, actually Adele dropped the “F-Bomb” as she acknowledged that her album “25” did not deserve to win over Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.”

Since 2000 Beyoncé has been nominated 62 times for a Grammy and walked away with 22 of those racialized awards. These awards include categories such as “Best R&B” “Best Rap Collaboration” and “Best In Pop” these mediocre categories are designed to box musicians of color onto a limited space of achievement.

The #GrammySnubbedBeyonce has been met with both pro-and anti-Beyoncé support. But the message is clear to people of color especially women who dare to become too “uppity!”

The Grammy’s message resonated loud and clear that is important to “Make America Great Again” a clear example by rejecting Beyoncé’s music of colored activism.

FB_IMG_1465944609830Who do you think the voters of the Grammy’s are? In case you are wondering the Grammy, voters are predominately conservative white musicians, engineers, writers, and music executives who have been known to steal our culture and appropriate it as their own creation.

Let’s be clear about the snub on Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. The album Lemonade is the anthem for people to stand up and rally! Lemonade encouraged us to stand up and protest against the existing establishment. Beyoncé messages against police brutality was clear and she encouraged women to get in formation. That is not the message the music industry want as their “Flag Ship” sound by awarding Lemonade the Album of The Year.

The Grammy’s instead chose Adele’s and her squeaky clean look, soothing vocals, and songs about repeated failed relationships. This distraction is nothing more than a smoke screen to deflate the work of equality.

On last Sunday, the propaganda the Grammy’s used was an attempt to undermine the vast greatness of our societal progress. They dared us to compare ourselves above Eurocentric standards and simply attempted to impede our black progress.

We get it “White People” in your eyes Taylor Swift, Beck, and Adele are all superior to Beyoncé’s artistic work. We also get it that Elvis Presley invented Rock and Roll just like the Beatles and Mick Jagger introduced style and flair to the stage. #GTFOH
#IAmNotYourNegro #ByeFelecia #GrammySoWhite #StayWoke