TUV Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with physician and sexual health activist/researcher Dr. David Malebranche. We asked questions about the HIV & AIDS epidemic and the rate affecting Black men who sleep with men, The Usher Raymond Herpes rumor, and many other health complexities occuring in our society today.  Dr. Malebranche shut down the rampant myths, misconceptions, and misinformation about underlying sexually transmitted infections and (STI) stigmas. Dr. Malebranche no nonsense approach to these topics is refreshing to say the least.



Dr. David Malebranche

TUV Magazine ventured to Washington, DC where our DC Correspondent Rayceen Pendarvis proudly announced the 1st annual Rayceen’s 2017 Community Advocate Awards. This year three deserving community activist were recognized by Rayceen and will be featured in TUV Magazine.

According to Rayceen, this inaugural round of Rayceen’s Community Advocate honorees were chosen because “I have watched them become beacons of light in the LGBTQ community. I love them all like family and I am privileged to be their Auntie Rayceen.”

Rayceen Pendarvis, HRH

Shaan Michael Wade, BROWNFXCK

  Shareese C. Moné, The DC Center for the LGBT Community

José Romero, DCHomos

Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr. delivers a spiritual piece about the importance of community and culture. Dr. Gooch is Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Praise Church located at 561 S. Prescott in Memphis, TN. COP is an inclusive place of worship and a safe space for the LGBT Community in the MS, TN, and AR area.

Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr. 

Have you ever heard of “Trap-Soul?” We hadn’t either until we met Charlie Lucas Rose. Charlie Lucas Rose is a Trans-Artist with a smooth and striking sound that captives the raw emotions of a life worth reading about.  Rose dives into his troubled past of transitioning from female to male, to how he explains his “Super Powers” ways of dealing with his mental health. This Exclusive Interview will leave you Googling Charlie Lucas Rose for more!

Charlie Lucas Rose – Trans-Activist, Trans-Artist

The title of this issue is self-explanatory. Community & Culture of the LGBT Community, is a different world and it is a beautiful world.

This issue offer only glimpses into the intricate world and complexities of the LGBT Community.  It is our hope that each issue provides the clarity that we are more alike than different. Until then we will continue to tell the stories… Someone has too!

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