GOT GOD? TUV Magazine releases the September – October 2018 Spirituality Issue.

In this issue, TUV Magazine explores the religious interpretations of scripture by traditional black churches and how it is used abusively against the black LGBTQ Community.  This scripture interpretation and the argument that follows has traditionally been one of the most complex and controversial religious debates plaguing the black community. The traditional Black Church has long held their stance to condemn homosexuality through a highjacking of God words. However, this false narrative has been the catalyst of unwarranted church hurt onto God’s children (pun intended). 

We’ve collected stories and interviews from every walk of life. These stories are necessary to remove barriers and help those outside of the LGBTQ spectrum to better understand what it means to “GOT GOD!”

The objective of this issue is to evoke an understanding of what it truly means to “love thy neighbor.”

Cover Feature

On the cover is Memphian Marvell L. Terry, II, the founder of The Red Door Foundation and the newly formed Netherwood Consulting.  Mr. Terry shares great pointers to being in the HIV/AIDS nonprofit sector and the struggles and triumphs of his career.

Marvell L. Terry II  (Photo credit Elvis Piedra)

Celebrity Entertainment

Memphis Brennan Villines finished strong as a contender on the TV musical hit series “The Four.”  TUV obtained and an exclusive interview with Brennan at his new home New York as he shares his experience of flirting with stardom and his newest musical projects.

Brennan Villines contestant on “The Four”

Health & Wellness

Did you know? In 24 states, laws require persons who are aware that they have HIV to disclose their status to sexual partners and 14 states require disclosure to needle-sharing partners. Twenty-five states criminalize one or more behaviors that pose a low or negligible risk for HIV transmission. Sanjay Johnson shares his struggles and legal fight against his pending persecution in Arkansas. The Sanjay Johnson Legal Defense Fund is in need of financial support to help save this young his life. The ñLink is below to contribute.

The Sanjay Johnson Story 

Community & Culture

The FX TV Series POSE allows mainstream viewers the opportunity to travel into the 1980’s of Queerdom. POSE explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the ball culture world, house culture and the subculture for queer blacks and Latinos. TUV Magazine features  The Cassidine’s story as told by Kyra St. James Bonet Cassadine, the gay “daughter” of Tanisha Cassidine (RIP). Kyra provides an inside perspective of what a house culture/family is all about.  Kyra shares intricate details that mirror the life of the characters in POSE in the queer Memphis community. /

Tanisha Cassidine – Mother of the Cassidine Family

This issue is filled with compelling stories about phenomenal individuals doing extraordinary things around the U.S. It is our hopes that you are educated, enriched, and empowered by the content provided.

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In the words of Don Lemon, CNN Anchor, “Be Well!”