The Unleashed Voice has officially launched it’s Affirmation Apparel Line. #AffirmationsAreMeantToBeWorn is® (registered trademarked) slogan of TUV Media Marketing Firm, LLC.

#IAmUnleashed Apparel Line®

#IAmUnleashed® Custom Apparel Garments are available in Black & White, with Gold Gilden Lettering in Signature V-Neck, Soft Blended Cotton.  #IAmUnleashed® is a registered trademark of TUV Media.  It that represents a commitment of living a way of life void of conditions, restrictions, and demands.

Our #IAmUnleashed® wearers are telling the world who they are, what they need, and where they stand with the status quo.  We believe that wearing your affirmations is  important and a equally powerful statement of your testimony to live freely!

#MyPainMadeMeChange Apparel Line®

#MyPainMadeMeChange®! What an awesome affirmation to wear! Instead of buying one  buy several to share with your friends. It is our hopes that each time you wear your affirmation you will be charged to uphold your commitment to self-care.

#MyPainMadeMeChange® Apparel Garments are available in Black & Red, with White Bold Lettering in our Signature V-Neck, and Soft Blended Cotton.

Orders can be taken at or, or PayPal or CashApp.  Please include your preferred sizes. Orders can also be placed through CashApp at $Geequeme

Please email for pricing and instructions to #UnleashingYourApparel®