This interview took place between TUV New York Talent Correspondent Monick Monell and Que Monroe

Que Monroe is a nonbinary artist who started writing at the age of 6 years old. Since 2015, they have been determined to make an impact. Their core efforts are to bring their team’s fresh ideas and passion to the range of activities that they’re involved in. Through their endeavors they inspire to display the conviction behind their beliefs.  

Q: What does the word Renaissance mean to you?

A:  “Renaissance to me is rebirth, a celebration of Queer culture. 

A rebirth in Queer Culture is continuing to work with one another, to come together, and be supportive. We have more innovative tools than ever to launch broader opportunities on wider scales. We, too, can reach people internationally and create change. The rebirth is just the beginning of all the greatness to come.  It can be challenging for creatives in our community to be acknowledged, seen, or heard. We will continue to create platforms to help the collective showcase their talents.    

Q: I found your page many years ago and was especially drawn to how you provide access to the LGBTQIA Community. It has been a safe space of art and culture. What inspired you to make such a page which has connected people from all states and countries?  

Que Monroe Founder of Meaningful Exchanges

A: Meaningful Exchanges arose when I sought a haven to share my poetry and creativity without judgment. At the time, I couldn’t find such a place. There were safe spaces for the youth, which was terrific, but I wanted that space for adults. I created a space that allowed people to create freely, no matter their skill level. Everyone could come together and collaborate and be supportive, whether a pro or novice. Also, I felt that the LGBTQ community didn’t get the recognition that they deserved in creative spaces. That has changed some now, and I hope it continues to.   

It is vital to have a safe space for adults. Meaningful Exchange has uplifted, inspired, and empowered many people at their roughest times. That is the biggest blessing. Those involved have also done the same for me. If it weren’t for creativity and my writing, I would not be here right now with an opportunity to share my story. Poetry saved my life; others can say the same about their creative endeavors. It’s a way of release. You pour your soul into your projects. Share the pain that you may never speak of.   

Q: Tell us about your journey in understanding your identity, what are your great achievements since you’ve been evolving. 

A: I’ve recently come out as non-binary within the last few years. It stemmed from not wanting to be put into a box. I’m allowing myself to be more vulnerable and in tune with my feminine side. Now, it is just an equal balance of energy.  My evolution has allowed me to connect in many spaces while being secure. I’m more creative than ever in poetry, writing, and marketing; I even was a streamer on Twitch/Kick for a short while. Because I am sure of who I am, I’m more fearless in trying new things. I am more open to trying creative endeavors. I would’ve never believed I would get paid to make fliers for creatives.  The more I become in tune, the more I’ll be open to adventure with my skill set. 

Q:  I see you are an author. Can you share your book with us and where we can purchase it?  

A: My poetry book is Scattered Pieces by Qcypha the Poet, and it is available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback. I wrote this book on a whim and told myself I would release it no matter what. The reason behind that is that my grandmother introduced me to affirmations and poetry. Since she is no longer here with us, I wanted to honor her love of poetry and affirmations. She passed away when I was young, and she never got the chance to see my writing. As soon as I completed it, I told myself, ” Grandma, we did it.   

I’m working on a new poetry book with a fresh perspective and style. There will be stories, affirmations, and encouragement throughout the book and on a much larger scale, with over 100 poems and inserts. It will be entitled Lyric Jane (Janay), an ode to my evolution, dedicated to two of my greatest inspirations. My grandmother Minnie Jane Durant, who had Lupus and Lyric Channel, was a young girl who passed away from brain cancer. They both fought and never complained in life. They brought light to everything they touched. Since my middle name is Jane, and I used to call myself Lyric when I was younger, it only seemed fitting. 

Q: What would you like to share with our readers about stepping into a new year? 

A: Step into the new year by being at peace with exactly who you are and allow it to be enough. Knowing that it is okay to have things you wish to change or want to work on doesn’t change the fact that you are and will always be enough. Bring your gratitude into the new year and be grateful for what was, what is, and what will be. If you believe a goal list or pledge would be helpful, do it. If you create it, make sure you see it through.   

Q: What 3 books would you recommend to the people reading TUV magazine that have made an impact in your life?  

A: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has impacted my life significantly, helped me manifest, and changed my perspective on negative thinking and how powerful our minds are.  Your Life Pocket Coach by Carole Gaskell is a guided book to take you past your comfort zone and gain new perspectives. I promise you it has been the most influential. It’s a goal-orientated book, but it is a book that takes you step by step through the process of becoming your most fabulous self. It’s an in-depth guided journal that helps you recognize who you are, what you may need to work on, and how you can declutter your space and life.  Project 369 (The Key to the Universe Evolved Consciousness) by David Kasneci is a book on becoming a master manifester. It gives you different perspectives and tools to use. 

Q: Explain your vision of hashtag #Conquereverything  

A: Conquerors by Kirk Franklin and the Family was my go-to song when I was out of hope. It has always given me the strength to push on at my lowest. It speaks of how tomorrow is a new day, and you can start anew. It’s a unique chance and a new opportunity.  “Conquer Everything” means to never give up. You don’t always have to win or be number one, but you are winning if you continue the fight and get back up again. You are conquering everything sent to take you off your path. So even if it’s inch by inch, you’re a conqueror. You are a conqueror, even if you can only muster enough strength to open your eyes in the morning. Lastly, I want to bring about awareness for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Hidradenitis suppurativa, and Chronic illnesses in general.  2024 is my renaissance year, so this couldn’t come at a better time.  

This year is the start of a rebirth for not only me but Meaningful Exchanges as well. In the last three years, I’ve continuously had to fight for my life but also my mental stability to deal with chronic pain, fatigue, insecurities, isolation, loss of identity, and numerous other changes that come with chronic illnesses.  At that time, I also needed help to keep up with Meaningful Exchanges and invest my time. I’m working on bringing back what it was once and getting back to connecting with others on a deeper level while fostering creativity in our community.  I hope to be a testament to faith and strong will. I’m resilient, and I plan on continuing the fight no matter what life throws at me while bringing awareness. I’m more than a conqueror, and you are, too. Together, we can overcome any obstacle.  

If you want to join my team or be involved in Meaningful Exchanges, please feel free to reach out. It would be a great blessing and help. 
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