Exposing her soul for all the world to see, Janet Mock possesses a heartwarming presence that accentuates her silky poetic speech as she presents in-depth explorations of life and its multitude of spectrums, from the odds stacked against her as child since birth to her triumphs at discovering herself at a young age, beginning with a game of truth or dare at six years old when she accepted the challenge to experiment with all that life had to offer her. There is something about finding your freedom, your inner voice, and embracing who you are that can be liberating, even at a young age, no matter how many heads turn, nasty comments spoken, or evil stares given. No, it wasn’t easy for her in the beginning. Then again, nothing in life is.

Society has created this fear that we must conform in order to make others feel comfortable around us. But at some point, we must all choose to live the life we love and love the life we live. How long can we as people conceal who we are? How long can we all go without living our truths? During this video, Janet reminds us that no matter what gender, race, or age, we must all become fearless and speak up about who we really are. At the conclusion of watching this motivational masterpiece, Janet encourages us all to own who we are and live authentically, asking ourselves, “Who am I? Who am I to me?”

Check out Janet Mock’s message via OWN Networks ‘Super Soul Sundays’ below.