There will be a lot of discussion surrounding the celebration of Pride Month in June especially in the Mid-South. One thing for certain The Cathedral Foundation will be in the conversation for stepping into the role as torch barriers of the Black LGBT community in the Mid-South.

On June 15, 2017 at The National Civil Rights Museum the official opening ceremony was held for TN, AR, and MS thus the launching of The New “TriState Black Pride.”  A rebranding of the former Memphis Black Pride which has been held in this region some 20 plus years.

TriState Black Pride opened on hallowed grounds with an elaborate evening planned for royalty.  The entire evening was a statement of arrival for people of color and those who are in the struggle for equality and validation. 


Dr. Mayre Bernard delivered a poignant message to establish the sentiments of TriState Black Pride to those in attendance.

The Cathedral Foundation Founder Dr. Davin Clemons (L), Terryl Buckner, The Founder of Memphis Black Pride (M), was honored for his long standing work in the Black Gay Community and The Cathedral Foundation Founder Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr. (R).

The Cathedral Foundation Founder Dr. Davin Clemons (L), City of Memphis Representative Ursula Madden (M), and The Cathedral Foundation Founder Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr. (R)

The Cathedral Foundation also received proclamations from the State General Assembly and the City of Memphis on behalf of their community involvement and the formation of TriState Black Pride.

The Cathedral Foundation Founder Dr. Davin Clemons (L) State Senator Lee Harris (M) The Cathedral Foundation Founder Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr. (R)

The “Dreamgirls” provided the crowd with an exhilarating drag performance!

Throughout the weekend the LGBT and allies were provided access to a plethora of services and entertainment.  The events ranged from vendors to live performances from several national recording artists.

The main focus was to address and apply education on how to “End The Stigma” associated with those living with HIV/AIDS an epidemic which is still being fought vigorously by the black LGBT community. The crisis currently affects 4 in 10 MSM’s (men who sleep with men) especially in the Southern region of the U.S.

One of main highlights offered were the educational sessions held on Friday and Saturday where individuals traveled from California to New York to take part in the forums.

Drag & Brunch in Memphis

Cedric Gum “HIV Treatment Work Campaign”

Jeffery Kemp Rinderle “HIV Treatment Works Campaign”

Breakout Session with Distinguished Panelists

The Bach Group from New Orleans Michael and Earl Benjamin-Robinson

Meet the LGBTQ Authors Tour of Color!

Black Lives Matter Representative Renae Taylor

Marc Coley “Unleashing Your Money!”

Dewayne Murrell (R) & Anthony Green (L)

Artistic Expression Class

Vendors Supporting Diversity & Inclusion

The Reward for Being Proud “Celebrate”

Friday Night’s “5th Quarter” Mixer


Loflin Yard Fashion Mixer

Loflin Yard Fashion Mixer

TriState Girls “Bar TakeOva” at SideStreet Bar & Grill

The regional corporate community rallied behind the vision and mission of The Cathedral Foundation to support The 1st Annual TriState Black Pride.

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