” It’s not only notable to have strong beliefs_ it’s necessary! If you don’t, some might argue that you’re not paying attention. But it is even better, and far more powerful, to back it up those beliefs with actions.” _Oprah

TUV Magazine releases it highly anticiapted May – June 2019 Enlightenment Issue. The Enlightenment Issue is an intentional collection of thought leaders, critical thinkers, and trend setters of our communties. This is our third installment of 2019 and we are just getting started. The biggest questions for those featured in this issue is. What would you stand up for and Why? The important take-away from this issue is education. Our intention is not to change anyone’s mind but to provide options for you to weigh your beliefs against. 

On the Cover 

Gracing the cover is Apostle Yvonne M. Harrison, a fiery New Yorker Pastor who is here for all of that and more! Harrison shares her reasons for starting the ministry movement of “Women Can Preach Too (WCPT)!” Harrison shares that the intention behind her founding WCPT is to increase the visibility of all women in ministry!

Apostle Yvonne M. Harrison 

In light of the recent suicide of 15 year old Nigel Shelby. A young black gay male who expressed his sexuality proudly but was also met with ridcule and bullying for being gay. It is befitting that alternatives to suicide be offered to the LGBT Community regarding biblical scriptures that are used to condemn homosexuality. Insert Pastor Will Horn into the conversation and the shift begins! Pastor Horn just released ‘The Handbook” a little black book that addresses “What the Bible does and does not say about homosexuality.” It is highly suggested that this book becomes your weapon if you are still involved with bible thumpers.

Pastor Will Horn | The Handbook 

One to Watch in New York  

“Standing up for what’s right can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.” _Bryan Stevenson

Kay Martinez, Afro-Lantix, Queer, GNC embodies exactly what it means to stand up for what is right. Kay is an activist who inspires others to live in their personal truth and authentically. Kay is an inspiration and radically open to living truthfully!

Kay Martinez, They, Them, Theirs

Fashion | Lifestyle | Entertainment 

When it comes to style, everyone seems to have advice they swear by. So, we decided to ask the experts to showcase who they are and some of their best work!

Andre Hammond

Meet Andre Hammond a Los Angeles based Celebrity & Editorial Fashion Stylist originally from the 901, Memphis, TN.

NoRal Apparel by LaRon Hickerson

Hickerson intergrates pop & culture elements into bold fabrication & a strong sense of individuality. The intentions behind every creation is to give the wearer the attention they deserve! Are you ready for NoRal?

NoRal Apparel Models 
Marck Angel released “Wings” which is a follow-up to hit single “Maybe” which has been viewed over 2.5 million times on YouTube.

Marck Angel | Out R&B Singer

It is our intentions to deliver quality and worthy articles each issue. It is not enough to make noise just because you can. It is more important to make your noise meaningful and impactful. As you peruse this issue hold us accountable if we aren’t living up to our intentions! As you go about your busy life I challenge each of you to find a “Nigel Shelby” and become a mentor so that we can end this brutal attack of bullying against all babies!

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Rest in Peace, Nigel Shelby “Gone Too Soon!”

Be Well! _Gwendolyn

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