In recent days Thaddeus Matthews a self-described TV shock talk host has launched an all-out assault on Dr. Davin Clemons bid for the Memphis City Council District 6 seat. By Matthews own admission his interested in the upcoming Memphis election is only on the Mayor’s race and District 6. Why is Matthews only interested in these two races?

It is apparent to me as a voter and relative of Dr. Clemons that Matthews interest in District 6 is to pull potential voters from Clemons in favor of Edmund Ford, Sr.  Matthews is using tactics similar to Donald Trump to appeal and arouse the so-called “Black Christian Voters” who oppose homosexuality. Matthews and the candidate who I believe paid him to assualt Dr. Clemons (Edmund Ford, Sr.) are clearly trying to use homophobia for political ends. This tactic is nothing new and has been used even by the most unscrupulous in the industry. This bait they are dangling to draw Dr. Clemons into an insidious war of words will not work.

According to a recent poll by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights there is a tendency for political leaders to stir up prejudice through homophobic rhetoric, especially during elections. It seems that the use of homophobia has become a ubiquitous part of the contemporary political landscape in the upcoming Memphis election.

The reality is that widespread homophobia exists in many societies around the world, and those in power use it as a tool to bolster legitimacy, increase popularity and distract from pressing social ills.

This is a clear moment where Matthews is trying to vet and bait voters by using religious dogma to justify hate and discrimination.  As long as I’ve been alive this has always been a tactic used to justify reasons to discriminate and marginalize LGBT folks, especially by African-Americans. There has got to come a time when we take a stand against tyrants such as Matthews.  I believe that the time is now!

Matthews is intentionally using homophobia for political ends in the upcoming District 6 race. This tactic is to draw attention away from the real issue District 6 is facing. District 6 has suffered enough under the hands of the Ford regime which has led to rampant unemployment, lack of viable political representation, poverty, blight, lack of equity, failing schools, failing infrastructure and not to mention that 38126 is the poorest zip code in the State of Tennessee.

Dr. Clemons campaign is not about an ideology of a famous name it is about the urgency of the people who live in District 6.  District 6 has suffered because of the lack of leadership to direct District 6. We’ve seen the potential of what District 6 could have been and what actually is happening, which is NOTHING!

The time has come when we as a community must stand up against people like Matthews. In this moment we will not stand around and watch Matthews slander and belittle a great community leader such as Dr. Clemons.

Let’s be clear this bigoted attack from Matthews is more about stopping Dr. Clemons momentum against his paid endorser Edmond Ford, Sr.  Why else would a meaningless talk show host spend an entire show dedicated to talking about Dr. Clemons and his family?

Matthews’s record and history of being a paid flunky to the highest bidder warrants caution.  Matthew is the person with a history of arrests ranging from lewd conduct to stalking. He’s been at the center of too many embarrassing scandals to mention. Any association to this type of person should be immediately rejected because of his cringing likeness to Donald Trump.

If Black Lives Matter, then All Black Lives should Matter including Gay Black Lives! It is now time to “PICK A SIDE!”

Dr. Davin D. Clemons, DMin (RECEIPTS)

Dr. Clemons is a community leader in the City of Memphis. He is a business owner, a philanthropist, and devout Christian. He along with his husband Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr., co-founded of The Cathedral of Praise Church of Memphis Inc., seven years ago. The Cathedral is a church that truly welcomes all people and has been awarded several proclamations by U.S. Representation of District 9 Steve Cohen, Former TN 29th District State Senate and current Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, and Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.

Dr. Clemons earned his doctoral degree from Memphis Theological Seminary. He is a 16 year veteran for the Memphis Police Department and serves as the LGBTQ Liaison. He is a member of Clergy Defending Rights for All, National Chapel for the United Progressive Pentecostal Church of Atlanta, co-founder of The Unleashed Voice Media Firm, Talk Show Host on The Unleashed Voice Radio Show, and Editor of The Unleashed Voice Magazine, named 2018 Top 40 under 40, named 2019 Champion of Pride for the State of Tennessee by The Advocate Magazine and much more.

We cannot “AFFORD” to have another “Ford” representing District 6, pun intended!