On November 9, 2019, BRIDGES and the Bridge Builders® program will be hosting its 5th Annual Youth Ignite Memphis event. Youth Ignite Memphis is a youth-led event that provides a platform for youth to pitch their ideas to community leaders and hundreds of youth, with the opportunity to have their ideas funded to make them a reality. We are looking for any high school age youth who are passionate and dedicated to making Memphis a better city for all young people.

The mission of Youth Ignite Memphis is to unite diverse youth from across our city around the shared belief that youth can—and should—play a vital role in making Memphis a better place to live, work, and play. We believe that in order for Memphis to become a more just and equitable place, we need the knowledge and insight of young people.

How does Youth Ignite Memphis work? From the pool of applicants, we will select 8 presenters. Each presenter will have exactly 5 minutes and 20 slides to pitch their idea. 300 youth from across the Greater Memphis area will attend, and vote for their favorite project. The top three winners will receive funding to jump start their projects.

To get a fuller sense of what it is like at Youth Ignite Memphis, watch this video from last spring:

Youth Ignite Memphis February 2019

Who can apply to present at Youth Ignite Memphis? Anyone between the ages of 13 and 18.

The deadline to apply is September 2, 2019.

Youth, we encourage you to apply. Not only is this an incredible opportunity to receive free coaching in project management and public speaking, but Memphis desperately needs your unique insight and experiences to create solutions that will work. Adults, we encourage you to share this opportunity with any young people you believe would be interested.

To apply, fill out this application.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bridges with any questions.