The Meeting 

Rarely one to approach another, Paige took a chance on her 33rd birthday and “slid in Virginia’s DMs” to propose a meet & greet before flying back home to Cincinnati three days later. Rarely one to read her Facebook messages, Virginia happened across Paige’s message and was intrigued enough to invite her over the next day for a “Sunday Funday” Virginia was hosting. Paige jumped at the offer, and after initial nervousness subsided the two hit it off. They talked about life as the time ticked to 5 AM and the crowd trickled down to just those two.

The Courtship 

At that time, Virginia’s circumstances dictated the need for constant assistance as she was recovering from ACL repair surgery. Conveniently, Paige was working from home full-time and offered to spend weeks at a time in Memphis to provide the care that Virginia needed as not to tax the family and friends who were generously offering their time to do so. Those few months were crucial in allowing the new friends to develop into something more. They were also integral in Paige’s evolution in the kitchen as she was the furthest thing from the near savant people believe she is today. And, as they say, the rest is history.

The Wedding 

Planning a wedding in 2020 was, to say the least, interesting. When Covid-19 took the world by storm, the couple had planned to just have a small courthouse ceremony witnessed by their parents whenever things started to somewhat normalize. But when the courts had not yet started officiating weddings within three weeks of their desired wedding date due, Virginia and Paige had to quickly improvise. In 20 days, they planned a quaint, socially distanced event in the courtyard of a beautiful Airbnb in downtown Memphis. In attendance were a handful of friends and family, and they ensured that the nuptials were also live-streamed for those who were kept away by the pandemic.

Virginia & Paige Hannah

Respecting each other as individuals, the love shared between Virginia and Paige is unconditional and unparalleled. Their relationship started as a strong, honest friendship that evolved into a beautiful love story.