TUV MAGAZNE IS CELEBRATING THEIR 6TH ANNIVERSARY WITH THEIR ANNUAL WORLD AIDS DAY ISSUE “WE ARE BIGGER THAN HIV!” Pays homage to the lives of individuals living and thriving positively as well as those who have joined the fight to end the HIV epidemic.

“The fact that the Southern Region of the U.S. is still being directly impacted with new diagnosis in 2021 is unacceptable.” The fact that HIV is still rising in the South means that “SEX” should not be an anomaly in our society” _ Gwendolyn D. Clemons, CEO of Relationship Unleashed, Editor-in-Chief of TUV Magazine 


World AIDS Day takes place on 1 December each year. It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness. Each year, organizations and individuals across the world bring attention to the HIV epidemic, endeavor to increase HIV awareness and knowledge, speak out against HIV stigma, and call for an increased response to move toward Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S..

World AIDS Day was the first observed in 1988 and has now expanded into a global health day. The theme for the 2021 observance is “Ending the HIV Epidemic: Equitable Access, Everyone’s Voice.”


Meet “The New Doctors On The Block!” who are creating a paradigm shift in patient care in Memphis, TN. Spirit Health Center delivers Primary Health Care to individuals living with and without HIV in a diverse and respectable atmosphere. 

Dr. Marshe Turner & Dr. Marye Bernard 

Prior to opening Spirit Health Medical, they offered primary care services only to individuals living with HIV. Now they offer primary care services to the entire community. In addition to primary care, they perform school and athletic physicals, acute care visits and COVID-19 testing. Their “Superpowers” as owners of Spirit Health Care places them in direct control of being able to listen and respond to the needs of the community. In the past we would hear the desire of patients to be treated in an environment where they did not feel stigmatized, but we were not able to be a change-agent until now (read more)



Meet Nikki Eason, Show Creator of The Androgynous Model Contest. Eason has launched Season 3 with a new set of contestants ready to take on life altering challenges in pursuit of becoming The Androgynous Model. The Androgynous Model was created to serve as a platform for education about androgyny, instilling confidence and creating opportunities for the androgynous community. Often, there is a lack of representation of androgynous individuals within the fashion, technology, and entertainment industry. We built this platform to change that by providing space for androgynous individuals to share their stories and showcase their expertise and talents to the world. 

“You have to release yourself from the version of you that you created for survival” Tyron Wells_

Tyron Wells walks us through a transparent moment of self-discovery and reflection on what it now feels like to “Walk in Truth!” As a 40-year-old black gay male, soon to be 41, Wells openly discusses his milestones and setbacks to guide others through the nuisances of what it means to live a full life! Follow Tyron Wells on IG @wellsevents


The Normal Anomaly Initiative launches Project Liberate. Project Liberate is 6-month program that will feature a 3-month intensive with premiere capacity building and development organizations of VisionQue! led by Ms. Jacqueline Coleman, Life Mission Project Network led by Mr. Paul Cain, and LEAD360 led by Mr. J. Albert Nicklos II; this cohort will learn the foundational elements of businesses, organizations, financial planning, pitching, and develop business relationships. In the final 3 months, they will participate in a capstone project to launch or re-launch their business amongst community, family, and the city of Houston.  

The World AIDS Day Issue (WAD) is a signature issue of TUV Magazine. As HIV advocates and service providers it is our duty to tell the stories of the millions of Black & Brown individuals who are no longer here. It is our commitment to remember their lives by providing HIV education, raising awareness to eradicate HIV from our communities. This WAD Issue is filled with compelling stories that are heartfelt and rich in information. Dive in and explore for yourself!

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Happy Holidays, Mask UP, Practice Social Distancing & Stay Safe!