Welcome to 2022 Ya’ll! This is the year that your life will be calling you. The bigger question is will you answer? Let’s jump right into it! The 2022 RISE UP Issue is about offering life principles to help you step into the most important version of yourself…You need to not only know what you want out of life but what “WHY?” Knowing your “WHY” helps prepare you for life challenges (because they will come) and how to overcome whatever is thrown at you!  Inside this issue we are featuring thought leaders, critical thinkers, educators, authors, financial advisors, health experts, mental health advisors and more to give you a great head start on your 2022 NU Year, NU You, Nu Money, Nu Health! LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!

On the Cover is Dr. Lakara Foster, Minister, Psychic Medium, Author is unapologetically living her best life. For many in her inner circle Dr. Foster has always been that one voice of reason one can say she was a life coach even before she knew what to call her gift. Ironically, her businesses bear the name “The Gift” which is a direct reflection of how she explains her ability to help reunite people with their departed love ones and giving them the gifts of healing, closure, and peace all the while helping them to see death, life, and God in a new way! You can follow Dr. Foster via her YouTube Channel @lakarafoster “The Gift” on her website and on all social media outlets.

Dr. Lakara Foster 

Meet Don Abram, M.Div, founder of “Pride in the Pews” a grassroots nationwide campaign aimed at celebrating the stories of resilient queer faith in the Black Church. Pride in the Pews seeks to create a platform by which LGBTQIA+ Christians in the Black Church can share their testimony and overcome queerphobic theologies through storytelling. Don is deeply committed to creating community for queer Black Christians and to equipping the church for progressive, 21st century ministry.

Don Abram, M. Div 

In celebration of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day which is February 07, 2022. We are proud to feature AJ Totten-Reynolds of Atlanta, GA. AJ is a reflection of how one person’s story can have a ripple effect in helping to tear down the strong holds of stigma and shame people with HIV face daily. We are proud of AJ for fearlessly sharing his coming out story with TUV Magazine!


“The issue of sexuality, especially nonhetero expressions of sexuality, is a complex matter within the Black Church community. Even with all of their diversity, Black Church people are regarded as strikingly similar in their attitudes toward non-heterosexual sexualities. They are viewed as not simply homophobic but more homophobic than other populations of society”  (Douglas, 2006).

In 2022, LGBTQIA+ individuals are still fighting for affirming acceptance within The Black Church. In this issue our contributing guest writer Author, Activist  Monika M. Pickett explores the nuisances on the prevalent and pervasive homophobic sentiments of the Black Church. We recognizes that not all Black Churches are homophobic. We also recognize that the main pillars of Black denomination systems are! Yet, LGBTQIA+ individuals still maintain their  memberships and serve in their ministries silently!

As we journey through 2022 it is with utmost importance that you protect your peace! Always remember that God loves you just as you are. Please know that no MAN or WOMAN hold the keys to your salvation…

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“The energy of the universe responds to positivity, loving yourself as you are is crucial growth”_ Oprah Winfrey