Timeekah Murphy (Army Veteran, Celebrity Fashion Designer, Actress, Influencer), the founder of Alani Taylor Co., a luxury high fashion streetwear company owner that has designed for the most influential celebs such as Beyonce, Cardi B, Nick Cannon, Da Baby and more. Timeekah has been featured on media outlets such as AT&T Dream in Black Future Maker Commercial, HBO Max “They Hype”, Bazaar, BET, Vogue, Compulsive, Sheen, Paper, Voyage LA, Influencer, Hello Beautiful, Essence, Travel Noire and more. 

When Timeekah Murphy first realized she wanted to get involved in fashion design, she was stationed at Fort Hood Texas in the army and had no idea she’d one day be designing iconic pieces for stars like Cardi B and Beyoncé. At the time, she simply knew she wasn’t being represented as a masculine female in the styles available. She carried this passion for gender fluid fashion into the creation of her own clothing line, Alani Taylor, named after her daughter after her birth in 2016. The brand proudly offers gender-free clothing that celebrates “reworked proportions,” Alani Taylor Co. is geared as both a high fashion and luxury streetwear brand bringing gender neutral fashion to the mainstream.

TUV Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Murphy!


Q: What was your inspiration to start a fashion Line? 

A: “I started teaching myself how to sew because I didn’t want to look like everyone else. I love androgynous fashion and I’m a masculine woman, so I wanted to be comfortable in my clothing and still know that I’m a woman.

Q: Why did you create an Androgynous Fashion Line? 

A: There are a lot of men and women that can’t find clothes that fit them in a comfortable way. I get a lot of women all the time that come up to me and say ‘I finally found clothing that hides my curves as a masculine woman and I’m so glad.’ So, they are more confident, they walk with their head high, and they get that confidence they always had inside. Clothes can make you stand tall or slouch. Alani Taylor helps you stand tall with your head high.”

Q: What can one expect when buying Alani Taylor’s fashions? 

A: Alani Taylor’s high fashion line is high-end luxury with designer price tags. It features dropper pants, jackets, and long shirts with plenty of texture and layering in gender fluid styles and bold colors. The streetwear line features shorts, pants, hoodies, and shirts that come in unisex sizes, as well as kidswear with similar cuts and a vibrant aesthetic. 

For more info on Timeekah Murphy and her brand can be found on her website: