This issue makes our 8th year highlighting World AIDS Day as a Signature Issue for TUV Magazine. Our plan is to intentionally publish it until HIV is eradicated in our communities! We know that one effective way to reduce new HIV diagnosis is through education and that is why we are intentional in every issue to include articles that speak about stigma and discrimination.  

As the world prepares to celebrate World AIDS Day on December 1, 2022. I am excited because this day presents an opportunity to rally and show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from AIDS-related illness. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day. 

Despite the advancements in HIV prevention and care, the state of the HIV epidemic, particularly in the South remains at the forefront.  According to a recent report from Gilead Science – State of HIV “the epidemic today reminds us that there are many social, economic, and structural barriers that continue to prevent some people from accessing the care they need. As a result, progress has been unevenly made, with already marginalized groups who continue to bear the brunt of the HIV epidemic.” 

As a person, who has personally lost family members, and close friends to HIV it has become a personal call to action and lifelong mission of our businesses to help spread awareness and education. I don’t want another family to experience the suffering my family experienced because they did not have access to care or education for their loved ones. It won’t happen, NOT ON OUR WATCH! The number 474,786 represents the number of individuals living with HIV in the South! 


On the Cover: Meet Aliah and Terrell Davis – In a world where LGBTQ rights are constantly under attack. We take great pride in proudly sharing an example of a commitment to love through marriage! Representation matters and it gives us great pleasure to provide a glimpse of their fabulous wedding!

These newlyweds took a page from the Netflix Series “Bridgerton” and delivered a resounding wedding depicting a Queen Victoria era custom look. This is what happens when love meets fashion, a desire for excellence, and a commitment to have the best day of your life comes to fruition. By the way, LOVE ALWAYS WIN!

The National AIDS Memorial (NAM), steward of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, is partnering with the Southern AIDS Coalition to launch a major initiative bringing sections of the Quilt to communities in the southern United States as a teaching tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Funded by a $2.4 million grant by Gilead Sciences, the weeklong Quilt display and programming aims to raise awareness about health disparities and social justice issues that continue to disproportionately impact communities of color.

Through local events and programming, Change the Pattern will actively engage communities through Quilt displays, interactive experiences, storytelling, advocacy, and panel-making workshops. By creating an empowering message and safe spaces for conversation, we can uplift, inspire, and encourage all communities to take an active role in their health, challenge cultural stigmas, and continue the legacy of advocacy for our marginalized brothers, sisters, and others.

Entertainment News for the Holidays: Home For Christmas, the movie is right on time! 

Make sure you all check out Onyx Keesha Films, DreamN1, and 360 Films, latest holiday movie just in time for the 2022 holiday season. The trailer for the movie reveals that it will be centered around an LGBTQ family struggling to find the spirit of Christmas.  Written by B. Danielle Watkins and directed by Gino Payne, and Onyx Keesha, the trailer also shows scenes from the film which show grief and pain as well as joyous moments.

“Your Strength Was Never Meant To Crush You.” 

Founded in 2019, Black Women DO Heal (BWDH) is dedicated to creating safe, healing, and culturally competent spaces for Black and Brown Women to heal from trauma, abuse, mental health challenges, addictions, and the additional stressors of being a black woman. We do this by providing collective spaces to practice self-care, support groups, coaching, referrals, and outings to foster healing, community, support and self-care, and self-awareness to improve participants’ overall quality of life. Our approach helps to reduce the stigma of getting help and what help looks like for Black and Brown women. 

Cassandra James-Weathersby, Director Black Women DO Heal, Assistant Editor in Chief, Melanated Queen Magazine

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