The Community Issue – The Line is Moving! 

TUV Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Actress Amiyah Scott in the September – October Community Issue. Scott is best known for her critically acclaimed role as Cotton in Lee Daniels television series “Star!” With this role Amiyah broke history as the first transgender actress to play a transgender character on a major network television series.  In addition to modeling and acting, Amiyah made her mark when she was a teenager by pioneering the New Orleans underground ballroom scene.

Amiyah Scott

In this feature Scott opens up about being bullied, living as a Trans woman and how those experiences help shaped her into becoming an advocate. Check out an excerpt of her interview!

Q: What advice would you offer to other rising transgender/LGBTQ+ stars about the promise and the peril of using their platforms with both dignity and caution while opportunity and representation in mass media remains as limited as it does?

A: I would say to always be authentic. Many times, as trans people we’re expected to tiptoe, minimizing ourselves in order to be digestible. To me, it’s best to always be yourself, be strong and be proud. The right opportunities will come.

Q: What has been the biggest hurdle for you as a Trans Woman?

A: Everything. I fight for my respect and to live my life as I am daily. In this country my existence is questioned and threatened. I can only hope that one day trans people won’t have to fight for basic human rights.

You can find more about Amiyah Scott in TUV September – October Community Issue by through our digital issue or follow her amazing story and journey on social media or via her website.

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