The Unleashed Voice Magazine celebrates their publication’s 3rd Anniversary. The November/December 2018 issue also marks the magazine’s highly anticipated interview featuring the legendary comedian Mo’Nique. 


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Academy Award winner and legendary comedian Mo’Nique opens up about dealing with stigma, what it takes to change, and appreciating today. Best known for her numerous acting roles on TV and movie screens, Mo’Nique first gained fame as a member of the Queens of Comedy, as well as for her roles in the 1990s-2000s TV series Moesha and her spin-off series the Parkers. For her role in the film Precious, in 2009, she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. In 2015, she received rave reviews for her performance as Ma Rainey in the HBO biopic Bessie, for which she also earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination  and many more acclaimed roles. 

This issue is dedicated to World AIDS Day, which will mark its 30th anniversary on December 01, 2018, will be “Know Your Status.”

Significant progress has been made in the AIDS response since 1988, and today three in four people living with HIV know their status. But we still have miles to go, as the latest UNAIDS report shows, and that includes reaching people living with HIV who do not know their status and ensuring that they are linked to quality care and prevention services.

This issue intentionally provided space to center attention for TransAwareness Week beginning November 14-20, 2018. The flyer below details the week long events and activities that OutMemphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center will host. For more information please contact Kayla Gore at 

TUV Magazine vicariously enter into the world of high-end fashion with a blazing feature on Fashion Designer E. Jaguar Beckford. Visit JagandCo at

E. Jaguar Beckford founder of JagandCo (Models pictured above) 

TUV launches “Positive Apparel” an apparel line that promotes positive thinking and living. TUV Editor Gwendolyn D. Clemons, MBA transparently speaks about the power of affirmations and how using them has literally changed her life. Visit the online store now

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Author Monika M. Pickett, Special Contributor to TUV share a harrowing story about how difficult it is for some in the LGBT community to navigate family and friends during the holidays. Her experiences and advice provides a useful guide on how to survive the holidays with people who deny all of you as a person.

Emerging thought leader and founder of “Being A Better Lover,” ParKer Bryant shares the responsibilities needed to fulfill a healthy and sustainable relationship in her compelling article “Love Comes with Responsibilities: Everyday Life of A Woman Purposed to Love Better.”

ParKer Bryant, Emotional Wellness Thought Leader 

Unfortunately, many barriers to HIV testing remain. Stigma and discrimination still deters people from taking an HIV test. Access to confidential HIV testing is still an issue of concern. Many people still only get tested after becoming ill and symptomatic. MSM Correspondent Eddie Wiley writes a compelling piece about the effects of “Stigma” and what we Eddie can do to help end it. EddieW can be contacted at

MSM Correspondent| for TUV Magazine, Eddie Wiley, MPH 

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