Immediate Release: November 02, 2021

LGBTQ Nonprofit Relationship Unleashed is speaking out after TMZ grossly misquoted them in a news articled posted to their website from an email exchange. Relationship Unleashed was contacted via email by TMZ news producer Jacob Wasserman, who requested an interview to discuss Dababy performing at Rolling Loud NY this past weekend. Gwendolyn D. Clemons, CEO of Relationship Unleashed responded via email to express their inability to talk via phone because they were traveling internationally.

The CEO of Relationship Unleashed (RU) wants to address this exchange regarding this triggering article written by TMZ and to provide an accurate statement on behalf of Relationship Unleashed!

  1. Clemons says that 90% of the information posted on TMZ website about what Relationship Unleashed shared via email is completely false and that this article has the potential to cause irreputable harm to the organization. Clemons states that upon reading the website article she immediately telephoned Jacob Wasserman the News Producer with TMZ.  Upon sharing the inaccuracy of the article with Wasserman and requesting a retraction of the misquotes. Wasserman stated that the writer of the story “apparently” misread the email and “apparently” insinuated that she meant to say those things.” Wasserman assured Clemons that the website article would be updated and that he would share her concerns and factual position about this type of behavior during the live TMZ show on Tuesday, November 02, 2021 (we will be watching).

According to Clemons, her email reply to TMZ was completely taken out of context, paraphrased, and then given a click baiting headline title filled with insinuations that does not align with the values of Relationship Unleashed nor the 100+ organizations who participate in writing an open letter to the Rapper DaBaby. Clemons calls this type of misquoting particularly “offensive” and says it erroneously minimizes the work that Relationship Unleashed does for the LGBTQIA+ community and people living positively.

Clemons stated that the writer completely disregarded many qualifying points she shared that nuanced the heart of the question about DaBaby. The greater points she shared were completely ignored, therefore resulting in an overall misleading story! The changes TMZ asserted from our email has intentionally attempted to transform her from an insightful and thoughtful leader to an insensitive, irresponsible rogue voice for the LGBTQIA+ community says Clemons.

Clemons stated that “she understands her assignment” and will continue to stand as a trusted leader for the LGBTQIA+ community and would never betray or sellout for any form of self-serving personal gain. Relationship Unleashed has a strong history in their community for being defenders of the voiceless, marginalized, and the oppressed and nothing has changed.

Everyday, news organizations use their correction sections to acknowledge errors. Relationship Unleashed is expecting Jacob Wasserman, News Producer of TMZ to keep his promise and do the same (WE WILL BE WATCHING)!