Marvin Gaye once sang that there are “three thangs in life fo’ sho’: taxes, death, and trouble.” Somehow he inadvertently left off TRAUMA! It’s Healing Time Ya’ll because we deserve to live out fully from traumatic pain and memories. There is hope and there are options available to us as opposed to one to living in Chronic Trauma! It is our hope that mental wellness, self-care, and self-awareness become your priorities going forward. This may look like a temporary priority or a lifelong way of living, either way you will benefit from doing the work.

Editor-in-Chief Gwendolyn D. Clemons 

“Things don’t go away because you don’t to deal with it” _ Coach Gwen 

The Greek definition of trauma as “WOUND” which we will translate to emotional, physical, and or psychological. Trauma is the result of a negative event (s).  It occurs when you feel emotionally or mentally hurt by something that has happened, and it may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which is commonly referred to as PTSD.

In this issue we are giving a plethora of advice to guide you toward healing. As you read each article, we know that something written will reach you. How do we know? We know because we are speaking it into existence!

On the cover: Meet Antoinette L. Beeks the Season 3 winner of The Androgynous Model Contest.  “The Androgynous Model” is an intentional, non-scripted, modeling competition show that encourages others to be brave in their journey to authenticity. Antoinette is a self described Musician, Nature Enthusiast, and Model. You can follow her journey on The Androgynous Model YouTube Channel Season 3

The Androgynous Model Contest Winner Antoinette L. Beeks 


This is our 7th year highlighting Black Momma’s with loving messages to the world about what acceptance and love should look like for one’s children irrespective of being LGBTQIA+.  It is widely known how harrowing the stories from the opposite side are, from parents rejecting their kids, to kicking them out of their homes, to even resorting to murder, all because of their childrens sexual orientation or how they self- identity.

At the time of this publishing, 14 year old Giovanni Melton’s father was sentenced to life in prison for his senseless murder in 2018. This monster killed this baby because he found out he was GAY! Rest in peace Giovanni. You didn’t deserve this! 

The families featured are very important because we know that “representation matters” in a world measured by heteronormative standards. Each year we move the margins a little more to hopeful center love and acceptance as the norm not the exception for LGBTQIA+ folxs.

Mother Janice & Andre Wilson 

Kimberly Branch and Mother Althea Burks 

Virginia Hannah & Mother Vivian Jones 

One to Watch 


Stee Moglie is virtuoso in many musical instruments such as the guitar, bass, and drums. In addition, she writes her own lyrics along with her live band. You can find her name in so many links such as TED Talks London, Black Music Movement, Brixton Black Lives Matter music and the list can go on. I describe her as being an architect who proves you can have many gifts to fulfill your passions. Chill out and check out her dope ass sound!

As we continue to offer content that educate, enrich, and empower our readers it is our hopes that you reap the benefits. Each issue is intentionally planned to add value to your life as opposed to taking it away. In the meantime, stay the course and in the words of our Chief Editor Dr. Davin D. Clemons “TRUST THE PROCESS!

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