Latavia Roberson, best known as one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, opens up about her losses, perseverance, confidence, and charting her own path. In the November/December issue of The Unleashed Voice Magazine. In her interview, Roberson is candid and shares her most intimate thoughts about stigma and shame.  Roberson shares her views about the LGBTQ Community “I have been around a lot of my LGBT friends when they’ve gone through things, afraid to tell their parents, or one parent might know, but the other parent doesn’t and, will they accept me?” Roberson shares that her beliefs don’t allow for judgment of anyone.

The reader will gain a transparent insight into the secretive life of Roberson, as she shares her life journey. In one segment of the interview, Roberson shares about why she spent 10 years underground and offers her pending “book” as the complete source to those questions.


LaTavia Roberson

Just to give you a teaser of the interview, Roberson eludes to being “in the hole” and finding her strength in God to move beyond her struggles.  Roberson talks about entrepreneurship, being her own boss, molestation, alcohol, drugs and of course the complete details will be in her book!

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