The 2021 Inaugural Impact Issue is Here!

The 2021 Impact Issue is here with an emphasis on how to “Live Above Mediocrity!” Bye 2020, because you started rough with the death of Kobe Bryant and ending with the world shutting down due to Covid-19. The crisis we encountered caused a great pause in the way we went about our daily lives. It created opportunities for new beginnings for some and ended in demise for others.

Inside this issue we feature individuals that persevered doing a period where many folded. We searched for stories to give excellent examples of how one can pivot and thrive during a pandemic. Be reminded that there will always be challenges and oppositions in life. The objective is to learn how to survive the storms!

On the cover of the 2021 Impact Issue is Madison “Blue-Haired Unicorn” Butler. Madison is one of the most vociferous voices for Queer and Black Folxs on LinkedIn. Madison is self described as being “Queer AF.” In her own rites Madison is a rising social media star. Madison’s is known for her daily posts that creates a fire storm for debates on LinkedIn.” Almost daily Madison’s posts goes viral with thousands of comments and shares. Madison is notable known to be the outspoken voice against Corporate America on how they fail to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Madison & her Partner Reese

“Our voices are magic, and they deserve to be heard. Our struggles are shared, and we should be able to speak about them freely. Change only comes when we can call out the problem. Change comes from being uncomfortable. I am here to start the conversation.” _Butler


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  • Elixir No. 1 has hibiscus, peppermint, raspberry leaf and roses and is priced at $15.
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In 2021, We Want To be Where The Money Resides!

Diamond Wallace, Owner & Co-Founder of

Diamond Wallace, owner and Co-Founder of The Fortune Partners, LLC., started in 2018 and specialize in helping people grow and save money. The Fortune Partners programs focuses on helping clients understand banking/budgeting, credit, insurance, investments and taxes. Wallace and her business partner saw a need and an opportunity in the community for financial literacy. As interest increased in ownership and generational wealth. Reeves and Wallace, quickly realized there was an opportunity to teach basics financial literacy to the less fortunate. Dae Brackett-Reeves and Wallace created their company with the goals of being “hope dealers” to underserved communities in Memphis, TN. The Fortune Partners strive for their clients to feel like Beyonce; when she said, “My great great grand-children already rich…”_ Wallace

Your Mental Health Should be Your Priority in 2021!

Meditate * Journal * Reflect

After the stress of 2020, one mental health expert recommends people meditate, journal and reflect on what they want out of 2021. Mental health experts say you might want to rethink how you tackle your 2021 New Year’s resolutions. 2020 has been rough. From the physical and financial toll of the pandemic, a polarizing election year and a racial reckoning, plenty of people were ready to say goodbye to 2020, and goodbye to the traditional New Year’s resolutions. 

Setting lofty 2021 goals can create artificial pressures by doing it at the beginning of the year it tends to throw a lot of people off. Instead, if you set an intention by a positive feeling that you have, you’re more likely to chase that. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint!

Celebrity Chef Kenneth McDuffie Debuts on “Hell’s Kitchen!”

Celebrity Chef Kenneth McDuffie

Philadelphia native Chef Kenneth McDuffie will be featured in Season 19 Hell’s Kitchen with Chef Ramsey. McDuffie’s is excited about the opportunities afforded him since the show aired and he is now taking his talents to South Carolina.

Hell’s Kitchen is one of the most successful culinary competitions. Chefs execute dishes, in challenges and in the dinner service. They will have to prove that they have the palate, the leadership and the drive to become part of the Ramsay restaurant group. Be sure to watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 on FOX Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

2021 January – February Literary Corner Selections!

Author Victor Carrington

Just When You Thought You Knew Me” is a book filled with an emotional rollercoaster ride. Carrington said, “the things that happened to him made him the man he is today.” Carrington’s journey gives a deeper to explanation of what happened to him by not stopping at that point in his life! There is a message of hope for anyone striving to repair damage from their actions, anyone struggling with their sexuality, or anyone experiencing neglect from their family for being who they are.


Author Jeremy Johnson

How do you define intimacy? Of the four kinds of intimacy, which one do you feel is most relevant to you and why? When was the last time you remember having an intimate experience? Did it gives you goose bumps? In Intimacy from His View-What Black Men Have to Say About Intimacy, debut author and certified life coach, Jeremy J. Johnson presents us with an insightful look at how black men perceive this big, little, eight-letter word.

The Impact Issue

We hope that you enjoy all of the fantastic stories in the 2021 Inaugural Issue. We are intentional about providing valuable content to help you find and create your reality. To start we will offer nuggets to help transform your mindset. “If you can change your thoughts, you can change your world.” Bob Proctor

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