The Unleashed Voice Magazine celebrates its four year anniversary. The November/December 2019 issue is dedicated to the 31st observation of World AIDS Day. 

The 2019 World AIDS Issue is filled with dynamic articles that aim to highlight the HIV epidemic so many warriors are desperately fighting. In this issue TUV Magazine is unapologetic for writing about people and issues that directly affect us daily.  As our magazine turns four years old, we are reminded to keep “Doing It Afraid.”

On the cover is the remarkable Reproductive Justice Activist, Educator, and Advocate Ms. Cherisse Scott.

The incomparable Ms. Cherisse Scott is a fearless and fierce black sister who is ready to battle for the betterment of sisterhood. She stood in the face of white supremacy in the Tennessee state capital and refused to back down in a room filled with bigotry. Her organization SisterReach is doing just as the name implies, “reaching sisters” through dynamic reproductive justice & social advocacy work. We are excited to highlight a rising civil rights pioneer from Detroit, Chicago, and Memphis!

Ms. Cherisse Scott, Founder & CEO of SisterReach

Fall Fashion

The House of Colby provides the Fall Fashion highlight.  As expected fashion designer Colby Butler delivered by displaying his designs and putting the world on notice that his collection is made to be a COUTURE LINE!

House of Colby – Fashion Models 


Jonathan M. Ealy and J. David Scruggs were joined together in an intimate ceremony at Butler Park overlooking the Mississippi River on October 06, 2019.  The newlyweds plan to honeymoon in Italy in Fall 2020.

J. David Scruggs (L) Dr. Rosalind Nichols (C) Jonathan M. Ealy (R) 

Meet two dynamic champions in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic. LaWayne Childrey is a native of Birmingham, AL, an accomplished author who wrote his memoir “Peeling Back the Layers: A Story of Trauma, Grace and Triumph.  Childrey is unapologetic in sharing his HIV diagnosis of over 20 + years in hopes of combating stigma and educating the community.

LaWayne Chlidrey ‘Positively a Champion’

Mildred Edwards ‘Positively Positive’

Mildred Edwards is a native of Memphis, TN and founder of ‘My Sisters Keepers’ a grassroot ministry of sorts for women diagnosed wtih HIV/AIDS. Mildred is unapologetic about her HIV positive status and has been the ‘Face of AIDS’ on numerous campaigns. Edwards is always eager to uses her voice to shine the brightest light on a very dark situation for some. Mildred has found her greatest joy through her beautiful granddaughter “Little Miss Milauni.” 


Black Millennials 4 Flint, Founder CEO & President LaTricea Adams 

When the Flint, Michigan water crisis began in 2014, the lead discovered to be seeping in the drinking water caused a massive public outcry. Whereas, Flint is a majority – black city where 40 percent of its residence live in poverty. The Black Millennials 4 Flint grassroot movement was birthed as an effort to take collective action and advocate against the crisis of lead exposure specifically in African-American & Latino communities throughout the nation.

Headquartered in Memphis, TN Grind City Kicks is a movement and sneaker apparel community. Grind City Kicks (GCK) was founded in Memphis by a visionary but built by a group of people that had a high interest for shoes but had a greater passion for helping and impacting people. They combined their interest and passion and created a brand that is not only an online shoe and apparel store, but a brand that collaborates with nonprofit organizations and other businesses to impact the greater community. GCK uses its platform to motivate and encourage the youth towards excellence, and also uses the same platform to bring awareness to social issues in the community.

Each issue of TUV Magazine is filled with stories about lives of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It is the intention of the publishers to create a holistic read for readers to see themselves through the lives of our featured guests.  Do you have a story? Do you know someone that has a story and deserve an opportunity to gain media exposure? If so, please contact us at


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