The 2021 July-August PIVOT Issue

What is PIVOTING? What happens when you PIVOT? Inside the pages of the 2021 July – August PIVOT Issue we explore some of the nuisances of pivoting and why it’s okay to do it. Many of us have our minds totally made up about a dream, a vision, a desire, a wish, or just hopeful thinking. However, somewhere along the beautiful plan we’ve written for ourselves the outcome becomes diluted and sometimes it crashes on us. But in those instances the resilient mind can do one or two things, it can give up or it can pivot.

The 2021 July-August PIVOT Issue is filled with inspiring stories from individuals who share their lived experiences about “Living Beyond The Limits” imposed by their setbacks. What we know for sure is that every person living will encounter an instance in their life where things get tossed around in some form or fashion. Our question to you, do you know what to do in these instances? The objective of this issue is to provide compelling stories to help you on your journey.

Andre’ Hammonds graces the cover of the 2021 July-August Pivot Issue.

Andre` Hammonds is a native Tennessean where he credits his fashion career to his days at Tennessee State University where he studied Fashion Merchandising. After a successful run in Tennessee booking campaigns for bridal, tech, and other companies he decided to make the leap to Los Angeles. André is working hard and showing aspiring designers and entrepreneurs that it’s all possible.


Andre’ is a recurring cast member on the Shady Brunch presented by well-known media titan The Shade Room & Chasing Reality’s Chasing LA. Both of these amazing shows just wrapped their first season with record breaking numbers that will hopefully solidify for a season 2! In addition to his multimedia presence, he is a costume designer working on his first feature film as a lead designer airing this summer on the Lifetime Network. Andre’ also plans to be releasing new and exclusively designed pieces from his luxury boutique Shop HEM.

What happens when you are a Black Queer Porn Star? DeAngelo Jackson is ready to tell his side of the story in a new documentary.

Best Actor and reigning Performer of The Year Award winner DeAngelo Jackson

Being Black in Porn delves into the personal lives of the men, exploring the impact their careers have on their real worlds, on social media and in the global Black Lives Matter movement.  Being Black in Porn is being distributed by Mile High in association with Novo Novus Productions and adult production house Noir Male.  The Being Black in Porn trailer will premiere world-wide Juneteenth weekend through Noir Male’s Instagram channel here:  

Black Folks we have a Problem!!! To VAXXXX or Nah? 

The Coronavirus is running rampant in the Black Community and black folks are not lining up to take the COVID-19 Vaccination Shot. TUV Magazine is partnering with Relationship Unleashed a 501c3 nonprofit in Memphis, TN in a new campaign called The Path Forward – Facts Over Fears. This campaign is designed to target select zip codes with factual messaging from trusted public health professionals about the Coronavirus Vaccine. In this issue we published two compelling stories from individuals with shared experiences about the vaccine. Our encouragement to our readers is to get the Scientific FACTS to help combat your fears and reservations.

TUV Writer Diandra Marie Capturing Her Vaccination Moment! 

Queer artist, Ariel Johnson but known to her fans as Ariel J, is taking on the music industry with her R&B vibe and vocals and expressive and relatable lyrics. She is a songwriter, musician, and an artist. She writes her own songs along with ghost writing for other artists, as well. She brings a new sound and fresh style to R&B. Ariel J. is a twenty-year-old of African American descent who has proven her mettle as a singer and songwriter and is now working her way to the top of the music scene. Follow her on IG and other streaming platforms!


Forty years ago, on June 5th, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on the first five cases of what later became known as AIDS. At that time, none of us could have imagined that AIDS would still be with us today or that it would have taken more than 32 million lives globally, including 700,000 in the United States.

Today, we honor the memory of these men, women, and children, many of whom we lost in the prime of their lives to this devastating disease. We also celebrate the more than 38 million people worldwide, including 1.2 million in the United States, who are bravely living with HIV.   

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Be Well and Do Well Fam!